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Sara the #xennialwitch

Nice is Cringe

Nice people are so cringe. When I meet people pleasers in the wild my guard instantly goes up because you know that they can’t be your friends. Why? Because when you try to please everyone you actually stand for nothing.

Now that I have your attention, let me explain. The worst advice I ever followed was to “Be nice to everyone”. The effect of following that meant that I couldn’t ever have a genuine connection with anyone. Why? Because when you deny your own feelings and needs to please others and be nice you become miserable. You don’t have anyone’s back because you don’t stand up for yourself.

I had to learn that kindness is the way. Being kind means that sometimes you are perceived as a nice person and that’s ok. When you need to though, you stand in your power and speak your truth. This means you have to value your own feelings over others opinions of you. Chasing acceptance from others brings only resentment. I know, I did it for decades.

Building authentic connection requires vulnerability. It requires losing people who are not meant for you. When you accept that people will talk shit about you no matter what you do, no matter how nice you are, then it’s so freeing. When you let go of trying to convince people you have value and accept that you are enough without approval life truly begins.

Integrity means your words, feelings, thoughts and actions are in alignment. This requires radical honesty about who you are and what you stand for. Staying silent to keep the peace is a trauma response, as is people pleasing, and it requires inner work to adjust.

Saying No when you don’t want to do something if so powerful. Not over-explaining and having to have an excuse is even more freeing. As a recovering people pleaser I can’t tell you how much happier I am now that I focus on my own well being and let the haters hate. When you let people lose you without explanation it saves so much energy that you never wanted to give in the first place.

My hope for you if you are reading this thinking this is you, is that you can start small and set boundaries for yourself that align with your inner truth. Only you know what you seek and what your path should be. Listen to that voice that tells you when something really means something to you.

When you recognize the truths of your character, you can start to build integrity. For me, this work took years of therapy and daily healing exercises. Journaling, meditation and changing my inner monologue were all key to this process. If you are just starting this journey I send you strength I know is already in you.

Remember you are a powerful being and capable of more than pleasing others. Please yourself and then accept the abundance that comes with that. Now I can stand up for myself and my chosen family. Just being who I am empowers others to do the same. Also I scare the shit out of abusers because I have a zero tolerance for bullshit. Nice is bullshit. Nice is cringe. Be kind. Be you. And take no shit from anyone else you beautiful witch.

Witches Self Care

Are you feeling the weight of the holiday season hitting like a ton of bricks? With the recent eclipse and energies of 11/11 and 11/12 we are all upgrading rapidly. Due to this self care has been so important for me lately.

When I was in survival mode I couldn’t fathom the idea of self care. I did not have love for myself to understand my own needs. You may not be ready for self care either but I think the first step is being kind to yourself. If you can be as kind to you as you are to others then you are on your way to greatness! This takes practice and discipline like anything else. Start by correcting negative thoughts by saying, We don’t do that anymore and say something else kind instead. Then add more positive reinforcement to encourage yourself as you are more comfortable. It’s a process.

Here are some things I do in no particular order:

Find a therapist/counselor if you are able to afford it or your insurance covers it. Same with massage or wellness services are sometimes covered by insurance. If it’s covered, do it regularly! If not covered, there are options or you can skip this entirely.

Exercise as self care. I am forced to take walks every day because I have a dog and it is great for my mental health. Do I want to go on these walks? No. But when I am on them I am happy I did it, even in the winter and the rain. Nature grounds you even if it’s for a brief walk. Don’t over do it! Make small goals and work towards them. For example I wanted to be able to hold my body weight and so I practiced and now I am trying to do a pull up. It’s a process.

Eat your vegetables. Nothing can help your mood more than healthy fresh food. With inflation, everything is extremely expensive but if you can indulge in fresh produce, do so. When you cook you are doing a spell and can add your intention to the food you eat. Same with tea or coffee. Add witchy spice to your brew every day.

Take care of a plant. Start with one and see how it goes. I sing to my plants, chat to them when I smudge and consider them part of the family. Watering them regularly and seeing them grow brings me endless joy.

Feed the birds. I spend a considerable amount of time watching the birds in my backyard so I have invested in their happiness. I have 3 hummingbird feeders that I clean at least 1x a week and a large seed feeder with 2 suet containers I replace monthly. I spend $30-40 a month on the birds, worth every penny IMO.

Exist. Rest. Nap. Sleep. I had to teach myself how to rest without guilt. Just doing nothing is part of human existence and it’s a wonderful way to grow. I get some of my best ideas staring off into space. Try turning off your phone for 12 hours a day.

Invest in your dreams. This doesn’t have to cost money. Grab a piece of paper and write down what your goals are. Start small, but start. Failing is always part of the journey but you have to start. I usually limit my projects in progress to 2-3 so that I can still procrastinate but also have good focus options.

Get rid of your clutter! I highly recommend Marie Kondo’s process. This is a great way to start purging. Sign up for your local buy nothing group to donate your items that no longer spark joy.

Meditate daily. This is a practice I picked up because I get migraines, but it is useful for self care. Making a habit of this regardless of my physical or mental wellbeing helps ground me.

What works for me may not work for you but if you have suggestions, please add a comment to help others!

Manifest it

What’s up witches?

There is a full moon approaching this weekend and with it brings some extra benefits to manifesting your heart’s desires.  While you can practice manifesting anytime, I find making a habit of connecting during a full moon can be powerful.  This Hunter’s moon I am feeling compelled to share how to manifest.

First: Don’t buy anything!  Monetization of the witch community is a thing, and you don’t need to buy anything to manifest.  This means different witches will use different items for their craft.  This is the way.  The things you use to manifest are just as important as what you are asking for.  They should be things that are around you already.

Second: Decide what you are going to manifest.  Partner/Friend?  A new career?  More Money?  This is the longest part of the process.  You may need to sit for a while and meditate on what you want.  Having the intention be pure and from the heart is the key.  If you can’t decide, ask the universe to show you a sign you pick with a time limit.  For example, you could ask the universe to show you three of a specific thing in 24 hours. Pick an animal or plant or item that you wouldn’t normally see but is special to you.  When I do this, I usually pick a hummingbird.

The fun part: Gather the things!  The best way to start is with a pen/cil and paper.  Use a writing implement you like(not the phone/computer!).  Use paper that is around, maybe use a blank journal you have in your closet!  If you have silks and crystals or mementos that relate to the thing you are manifesting, even better, but not required.  The amount of ritual is up to you.  Light a candle!  Turn on some music to get you in the mood.  Sit outside or hike to a special place.

Then write it all down.  Everything you want.  Be specific.  Take your time.  Feel free to doodle.  Sometimes manifesting becomes a mini art project for me.  Trust yourself and don’t overthink the words, just write.  You may need to repeat this process a couple times to get a good list so don’t worry if the first sentence is all you can get when you start.  Starting is wonderful.

Congratulations!  You have now learned how to manifest.  Whenever you need a reminder, go back and read your words again.  Make edits.  Burn it if it’s no longer serving you.  Thank it for the time it did while it returns to dust.

May all your wildest dreams come true! 

Questions? E-mail me: sara@thehappyhedge.com

Domme Yourself

My friend recently asked me if I had any Domme/Sub experience.  I responded, “Nope, I domme myself.”  This conversation led to her asking, “Is there a link or will a simple Google search work?”  At that point I realized that I needed to make this post.  She said she’d read it!

I grew up in a household that did not talk about sex.  I had to figure everything out on my own and I’ve been in good, ok and effing horrible relationships.  I realized over the pandemic that I needed a break from dating apps to heal myself.  Pre-pandemic I was in survival mode and had convinced myself that I needed a man in my life.  I realize now that is another thing society taught me that I need to unlearn. Single women are the happiest demographic out there and I want to help make us even happier without ever touching you or looking you in the eye. 

Do I have your consent?  Great!  Let’s go!

If you have never heard of D/S relationships, I recommend watching “How to Build a Sex Room” on Netflix.  This show has everything from vanilla to a seven-person poly sex dungeon and everything in between.  I’m still not sure where on the spectrum I fall there, but that is part of the journey.  Discovering what you like and pleasuring yourself in the best way.

It took me years to figure out how to orgasm.  I faked it until I made it.  Now I know how to turn myself on and can make myself cum.  If you can’t do that yet, start there. Find out what you like and what feels good to you.  Make the time to do it at least once a week.  If not, domme yourself to do it.  Find a hawt nickname to use when you are talking to yourself.  Sometimes you just need to cum and if you don’t make yourself you aren’t taking care of your body.

Once you know how to make yourself cum you can start edging.  One of my favorite parts of the D/S relationship is teasing.  Forcing pleasure and then taking it away.  You can do this to yourself.  Domme yourself when you are masturbating.  Tell yourself not to cum yet.  Stop when you are about to climax and beg for it.  You don’t have to say it out loud but it helps.

Another aspect of this is making yourself cum multiple times.  You can make yourself wear a vibrator around the house until you cum a set number of times.  Wear a vibrator while you watch TV and increase the level every 5 minutes.  Put in a butt plug and do chores around the house until you cum.  Try these out but they are just ideas for you to explore if you enjoy dominating or being submissive.  Or you are a switch and you like both.

While I wrote this with women in mind, I think this could be applied to any gender that enjoys being Dominated.  Would love some confirmation on that!

But for now I’m off to put on my lace boxers and Domme myself. 

The Discovery of Witches

Do you have a show that is your guilty pleasure? I love witchy and supernatural themed shows, but for some reason I LOVE TO HATE ON The Discovery of Witches. Please enjoy!

The above magic card describes how I feel after watching an episode of this nightmare of a ensemble. It’s an overpriced card to essentially just slowly lose your life. I really want to like it, I even appreciate the story sometimes, but the characters just don’t sell it to me. It’s like watching a under acting lesson.

I will try to continue without major spoilers, but if you are super concerned about that stuff, bail now!

The two main characters are supposed to be in this maddening love. I’ve watched many vampires and witches fall in love. Stellar Examples are The Magicians, TVP, Originals, Legacies, Charmed, Sabrina, Merlin, The Witcher… you get the idea. These characters look like they are pained when they are in the same scene together. Maybe the production crew doesn’t like the main characters’ actors? It just seems like there is a huge disconnect between the two when that should be the driving force of the narrative.

Proposed drinking game:

  • When Matthew says “Diana”.
  • When Diana says “Matthew”.
  • When Diana cries.
  • When they look at each other with longing but it makes you want to scream because it is literally the worst acting ever!

Anyway, I still watch it, so that says something! I really don’t like to be a hater, but this show drives me absolutely bananas!

Please comment if you disagree/agree. Maybe I’m missing something?

The 21 Day Prayer

I plan to start this on the Solstice, 12/21/2020. I got some white candles and I think I am ready to go. I’ll post again when I am done or if I miss a day and have to start over.

The ask here is if anyone has a reference for this prayer to please let me know so I can link it here. We found parts of this but not the whole text.

Here is the full text of the Prayer:

Twenty-One Day Transmutation of Energy

Repeat the following for twenty-one days in a row, without skipping any days. If you miss a day, please start over! It is important to do this for the full twenty-one days because that is how long it takes for the shift in energy to imprint itself into cellular memory!

We add the element of ritual to target the subconscious mind. Reading the following mindfully will involve the conscious mind. Calling upon your helpers in spirit will allow your superconscious (Higher Self) to ask for assistance.

Light a white candle. Then focus your energy with the following breathing pattern: Breathe in to the count of four, hold for the count of four, exhale to the count of eight. Repeat twice more for a total of three counted breaths. This activates your parasympathetic nervous system, slowing the heart rate and producing a relaxing effect.

Then read the following out loud:

Creator of all Beings (x3), Divine Temples (x3), Akashic Record Division (x3), Divine Archangels (x3), my own personal teams of Guides, Teachers, and Angels (x3)…

I request the following for myself in all versions on all interdimensional levels, for all energy bodies into infinity, in all concepts of time, on all subconscious, conscious, and superconscious levels, throughout eternity.

Remove from my energy bodies the anger spears that are currently affecting me. Remove all associated discordant energy and release it to be transmuted with love by Divine Source, closing all energy doorways and filling them with golden Creator substance for all time.

Release from my record the binding placed upon me that is currently affecting me. Delete this binding backwards to its lifetime of origin, leaving all learning experiences free from trauma and restrictions. Remove all associated discordant energy and release it to be transmuted with love by Divine Source, closing all energy doorways and filling them with golden Creator substance for all time.

Sever all compassionate connections I may have made with any other Soul, consciously or unconsciously. Clear and remove all discordant energies associated with these connections. Transmute these energies to divine love. Heal with golden Creator substance all points of access, closing them completely and forever.

Delete from my Akashic record any contracts that are not in alignment with my Highest Path and Purpose that I have made with another positive or negative being. Remove this contract from my Akashic record clear back to its lifetime of origin, leaving all associated learning experiences free from trauma and restriction so that I can expand and align with my highest path and purpose. Remove all associated discordant energy and release it to be transmuted with love by Divine Source, closing all energy doorways and filling them with golden Creator substance for all time.

Remove from my record the curse that is currently affecting me. Delete this curse backwards to its lifetime of origin and forwards through seven generations, leaving all learning experiences free from trauma and restrictions. Remove all associated discordant energy and release it to be transmuted with love by Divine Source, closing all energy doorways and filling them with golden Creator substance for all time.

Remove all negative Souls and entities that are currently attached to or stalking me. Dissolve and remove from my record any agreements or contracts between myself and these entities. Return these entities to their appropriate astral plane. Block all access between myself and these entities permanently, at all subtle levels. Fill all memory channels and access points with Divine Light.

Clear and remove all negative programs and discordant energies associated with these entities. Transmute this energy to divine love and replace it with the positive, upgraded energy of Divine Love.

Sever and disconnect my main chamber Godspark where in past or present life it has been connected to any source of energy that is not the energy of Divine Source. Remove, release, and repair all damage, reweaving my Godspark to once again receive 100% pure energy from Divine Source.

Clear all blocks of energy where there was damage to my Golden Web. Assign teachers to assist in repairing the affected chakras on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, holding the upgraded energy patterns and assisting with the healing.

Remove the negative implant present in my system. Dissipate the negative or interfering energy from this implant back to the universal substance, retoning the implant device to d-sharp for the benefit of all. Heal the implanted area with golden Creator substance. Clear and remove all associated programs and discordant energies. Transmute all negativity to Divine Love before releasing it back to universal substance.

Delete from my Soul record all negative and unjustified karma that no longer serves my highest path and purpose. Clear all trauma and restriction associated with this karma, leaving the learning experiences intact.

Delete from my Akashic record any vows I have that are not in alignment with Divine Truth, Love, and Light and do not serve me on my path. I hereby rescind these vows. Please remove these vows from my Akashic record clear back to their lifetime of origin, leaving all associated learning experiences free from trauma and restriction so that I can expand and align with my highest path and purpose. Remove all associated discordant energy and release it to be transmuted with love by Divine Source, closing all energy doorways and filling them with golden Creator substance for all time.

Create a clear channel of communication and manifestation between my subconscious, conscious, and superconscious. Ensure that the subconscious, conscious, and superconscious are connected and in perfect alignment, working together in complete harmony towards my highest path and purpose under all conditions.

Assign a transition team from the archangel realms to assist with the transition, providing divine love and protection energy, transmuting all discordant energies released back to divine substance for the highest level of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual comfort.

Place spheres of Divine Love and Protection, toned to the universal energy of six, magnified to the cosmic energy of twelve, silver and modulating, around and about me, inclusive of all subtle bodies into infinity. Place a circle of ultraviolet light and violet fire outside the spheres to cleanse and purify all negative energies.

For the Good of all Humanity on Earth and Life as we live and are connected throughout the Universes, I entrust this intention to be carried out with joy, in all aspects of space and time. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thanks to Sarah for passing this to me through Nika. You are both true blessings.

Happy Solstice 2020 ❤


e: sara@thehappyhedge.org

Current Reading Pile

I’m not exaggerating when I say my reading list is very long right now. I decided to stack them up to see exactly what I was facing.

Here’s the list of the stack:

I know there are more but they aren’t jumping out at me. I am also reading the Wheel of Time series on my kindle, but I’m stuck on book 2. Want to finish it before the Netflix series comes out, but no motivation.

Three of the above are poetry books so I’m not going to just sit down and read them from cover to cover, but I love the author. I follow her on Facebook and every Etsy book order she signs FTW. Same with the Herbalism book, it’s more in my reference section. Two of the books were gifts so I didn’t actually buy them all myself. Whew!

I am going to start keeping a list of the recommendations as well so I don’t forget what should be next! Will do a separate post for that.

If you have any recommendations or reading order ideas feel free to comment or e-mail me Sara@thehappyhedge.org.