Witches Self Care

Are you feeling the weight of the holiday season hitting like a ton of bricks? With the recent eclipse and energies of 11/11 and 11/12 we are all upgrading rapidly. Due to this self care has been so important for me lately.

When I was in survival mode I couldn’t fathom the idea of self care. I did not have love for myself to understand my own needs. You may not be ready for self care either but I think the first step is being kind to yourself. If you can be as kind to you as you are to others then you are on your way to greatness! This takes practice and discipline like anything else. Start by correcting negative thoughts by saying, We don’t do that anymore and say something else kind instead. Then add more positive reinforcement to encourage yourself as you are more comfortable. It’s a process.

Here are some things I do in no particular order:

Find a therapist/counselor if you are able to afford it or your insurance covers it. Same with massage or wellness services are sometimes covered by insurance. If it’s covered, do it regularly! If not covered, there are options or you can skip this entirely.

Exercise as self care. I am forced to take walks every day because I have a dog and it is great for my mental health. Do I want to go on these walks? No. But when I am on them I am happy I did it, even in the winter and the rain. Nature grounds you even if it’s for a brief walk. Don’t over do it! Make small goals and work towards them. For example I wanted to be able to hold my body weight and so I practiced and now I am trying to do a pull up. It’s a process.

Eat your vegetables. Nothing can help your mood more than healthy fresh food. With inflation, everything is extremely expensive but if you can indulge in fresh produce, do so. When you cook you are doing a spell and can add your intention to the food you eat. Same with tea or coffee. Add witchy spice to your brew every day.

Take care of a plant. Start with one and see how it goes. I sing to my plants, chat to them when I smudge and consider them part of the family. Watering them regularly and seeing them grow brings me endless joy.

Feed the birds. I spend a considerable amount of time watching the birds in my backyard so I have invested in their happiness. I have 3 hummingbird feeders that I clean at least 1x a week and a large seed feeder with 2 suet containers I replace monthly. I spend $30-40 a month on the birds, worth every penny IMO.

Exist. Rest. Nap. Sleep. I had to teach myself how to rest without guilt. Just doing nothing is part of human existence and it’s a wonderful way to grow. I get some of my best ideas staring off into space. Try turning off your phone for 12 hours a day.

Invest in your dreams. This doesn’t have to cost money. Grab a piece of paper and write down what your goals are. Start small, but start. Failing is always part of the journey but you have to start. I usually limit my projects in progress to 2-3 so that I can still procrastinate but also have good focus options.

Get rid of your clutter! I highly recommend Marie Kondo’s process. This is a great way to start purging. Sign up for your local buy nothing group to donate your items that no longer spark joy.

Meditate daily. This is a practice I picked up because I get migraines, but it is useful for self care. Making a habit of this regardless of my physical or mental wellbeing helps ground me.

What works for me may not work for you but if you have suggestions, please add a comment to help others!

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