The Discovery of Witches

Do you have a show that is your guilty pleasure? I love witchy and supernatural themed shows, but for some reason I LOVE TO HATE ON The Discovery of Witches. Please enjoy!

The above magic card describes how I feel after watching an episode of this nightmare of a ensemble. It’s an overpriced card to essentially just slowly lose your life. I really want to like it, I even appreciate the story sometimes, but the characters just don’t sell it to me. It’s like watching a under acting lesson.

I will try to continue without major spoilers, but if you are super concerned about that stuff, bail now!

The two main characters are supposed to be in this maddening love. I’ve watched many vampires and witches fall in love. Stellar Examples are The Magicians, TVP, Originals, Legacies, Charmed, Sabrina, Merlin, The Witcher… you get the idea. These characters look like they are pained when they are in the same scene together. Maybe the production crew doesn’t like the main characters’ actors? It just seems like there is a huge disconnect between the two when that should be the driving force of the narrative.

Proposed drinking game:

  • When Matthew says “Diana”.
  • When Diana says “Matthew”.
  • When Diana cries.
  • When they look at each other with longing but it makes you want to scream because it is literally the worst acting ever!

Anyway, I still watch it, so that says something! I really don’t like to be a hater, but this show drives me absolutely bananas!

Please comment if you disagree/agree. Maybe I’m missing something?

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