Manifest it

What’s up witches?

There is a full moon approaching this weekend and with it brings some extra benefits to manifesting your heart’s desires.  While you can practice manifesting anytime, I find making a habit of connecting during a full moon can be powerful.  This Hunter’s moon I am feeling compelled to share how to manifest.

First: Don’t buy anything!  Monetization of the witch community is a thing, and you don’t need to buy anything to manifest.  This means different witches will use different items for their craft.  This is the way.  The things you use to manifest are just as important as what you are asking for.  They should be things that are around you already.

Second: Decide what you are going to manifest.  Partner/Friend?  A new career?  More Money?  This is the longest part of the process.  You may need to sit for a while and meditate on what you want.  Having the intention be pure and from the heart is the key.  If you can’t decide, ask the universe to show you a sign you pick with a time limit.  For example, you could ask the universe to show you three of a specific thing in 24 hours. Pick an animal or plant or item that you wouldn’t normally see but is special to you.  When I do this, I usually pick a hummingbird.

The fun part: Gather the things!  The best way to start is with a pen/cil and paper.  Use a writing implement you like(not the phone/computer!).  Use paper that is around, maybe use a blank journal you have in your closet!  If you have silks and crystals or mementos that relate to the thing you are manifesting, even better, but not required.  The amount of ritual is up to you.  Light a candle!  Turn on some music to get you in the mood.  Sit outside or hike to a special place.

Then write it all down.  Everything you want.  Be specific.  Take your time.  Feel free to doodle.  Sometimes manifesting becomes a mini art project for me.  Trust yourself and don’t overthink the words, just write.  You may need to repeat this process a couple times to get a good list so don’t worry if the first sentence is all you can get when you start.  Starting is wonderful.

Congratulations!  You have now learned how to manifest.  Whenever you need a reminder, go back and read your words again.  Make edits.  Burn it if it’s no longer serving you.  Thank it for the time it did while it returns to dust.

May all your wildest dreams come true! 

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