Current Reading Pile

I’m not exaggerating when I say my reading list is very long right now. I decided to stack them up to see exactly what I was facing.

Here’s the list of the stack:

I know there are more but they aren’t jumping out at me. I am also reading the Wheel of Time series on my kindle, but I’m stuck on book 2. Want to finish it before the Netflix series comes out, but no motivation.

Three of the above are poetry books so I’m not going to just sit down and read them from cover to cover, but I love the author. I follow her on Facebook and every Etsy book order she signs FTW. Same with the Herbalism book, it’s more in my reference section. Two of the books were gifts so I didn’t actually buy them all myself. Whew!

I am going to start keeping a list of the recommendations as well so I don’t forget what should be next! Will do a separate post for that.

If you have any recommendations or reading order ideas feel free to comment or e-mail me

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